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Venue Support Prices Effective 6/18/2002
Support Pricing Workstation/UNIX LINUX
Medley w/Rooms $825.00 $425.00
Medley Run-Time $345.00 $225.00
LOOPS $245.00 $115.00
NoteCards Developer $345.00 $345.00
NoteCards User $150.00 $150.00

(of course we offer discounts for more than one unit at a single site,
single customer contact)

Support includes: New versions as available. Bug fixes on a best-efforts basis. Phone support, limited to product under support.  Moving license to a new host with same hardware and OS.

Services Not Included in Support

Reinstating Lapsed Support
Per copy to be supported: $1,200.00 plus 1 year's support

Upgrades and License Migration
1108/86 license to Unix license: $1,200.00 plus 1 year's support
Upgrade to current version for same host and hardware, if not
on support: $75.00

Moving Licenses Workstation/UNIX LINUX
Moving license to a new host with different hardware or OS $75.00 $75.00
Moving license to a new host on same hardware, and OS, if not on support $3395.00 $1595.00
Moving license to a new host with different hardware or OS, if not on support $3395.00 $1595.00
University R&D Support 20% Discount from normal pricing

For any copy of Venue software at a customer site to be eligible for
support, support must be ordered for all copies of that software at that site.

Jill Marci Sybalsky
Vice President
Jill Sybalsky

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