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Venue Pricing Effective 6/18/2002
Development Software Workstation/UNIX* LINUX**
Medley w/ROOMS $3395.00 $1595.00
Medley Run-Time (for application delivery)+ $1450.00 $700.00
LOOPS $995.00 $525.00
NoteCards Developer $1495.00 $1495.00
Lisp User's Packages $600.00 $400.00

Development Software Bundles

Medley, LOOPS, Lisp Users'++ $4325.00 $1995.00
Medley, NoteCards Developer++ $4250.00 $1925.00

Application Software

NoteCards User= $595.00 $595.00

Software Discount Schedule

    2-5 units 10% 10%
    6-10 units 20% 20%
    11+ units Negotiable Negotiable
Educational 40% 40%
US Government (over 2 units) 20% 20%
US Shipping pricing:
  1st overnight by 8am $105
  Standard Overnight  $80
  2 Day by end of day $67
  (we will ship 2 Day unless instructed otherwise)

All orders must include selected shipping charges and applicable sales tax.
*Compiled for Solaris 5 and 6.  No testing on Solaris 7, 8 or 9 has been done.  We believe it should work, but cannot make a guarantee it will function correctly.  Should you need our product to work on other hardware or operating systems, feel free to contact us about customizing of Venue Products.
** Requires Linux for X86 with X-Windows.
+Run time-only software is rendered unsuitable for development by the customer's choice of (a) removal of the Lisp compilers, or (b) removal of the debugger.
++Purchase of the development bundle requires purchase 1 year's software support.
=NoteCards User comes complete: it does not require further software to operate. The environment it runs in is not suitable for Lisp development.

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