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Common LISP And Developer's Tools

Medley's development tools make you productive.  Debugger, appears automatically on error, showing stack, frames, variables, so you get a quick handle on the problem. Narrow it down by using inspectors to look at data structures. Then open a code editor, fix the bug--and continue your computation without starting over. Medley's™ tools mean faster development.  You'll have your first version up in record time. As you refine that prototype toward the final version, you'll move from debugging to performance tuning, then to documentation.  At each step, Medley™ is there with the tools you need for the job.

Supported Platforms: PC's under DOS 5 or above,  Workstations under UNIX: 386/486/586 under Linux, SPARC, RS/6000, HP Series 700, DECStation, DEC Alpha, SGI Indigo, Suns and Sun-compatibles. All workstations require X Windows.

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